100+ Women, 1 Hour, $100 = A Powerful Impact

 What does it take to be 1 in 100?


  • Each member agrees to donate $100, four times per year, for a total donation of $400 annually, which will be given directly to local charities, non-profits and organizations serving the Caledon area.

  • Any member who has registered may nominate an organization. At our meetings, we will randomly draw three nominated charities. The nominating member will then make a five minute presentation to the group.

  • Should the nominating member wish, she may ask another member to present on her behalf.

  • Each registered member will vote for one of the three organizations at the meeting or by proxy
    if she cannot attend.

  • The organization receiving the most votes will receive the group donation of potentially $10,000.

  • Members will receive a tax receipt directly from the organization after they have donated.

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